Scriptwriter Michael Downend


A Novel by Michael Downend


The house is sturdy. It creaks only when a prevailing wind blows across the lake. The sounds emanate not from an insubstantial frame but from eddy currents common to any aging structure. It is a family home—a point of return.
The husband watches from his window remembering a cold baptism years before racing a girl down the long green slope of the lawn across the dock they hurled themselves into the water.

Now, he sees a woman come down that hill to the shore across the lake. She unties a rowboat from a dock the husband knows is not hers—for it belongs to
that girl of his youth. The woman boards awkwardly, nearly capsizing the small craft as she steps from the dock to its bright slippery surface. With angry strokes against the wind, she rows to where the husband knows the glacial channel lies bisecting the strong, black current flowing from its source, curving like a scimitar, an arc to the opposite shore.

The woman ceases her rowing and rises in the boat. The fragile craft drifts toward the leeward side where the husband watches from his window. In a moment, she steps on the gunwale and slips over the edge, her arms raised as though in supplication to an ice god. In her descent, he feels she is looking into him—her eyes defiant saying you can do nothing. And then she is gone beneath the surface.

© Michael Downend

A widower returns to the scene of his youth and finds a woman he once loved. Based on my play, HIGH THIN CIRRUS which ran in New York in 2012.
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WORLDY GOODS, the first in a series of crime novels featuring Chief Inspector Henry Gargan, a morose Irish-American policeman.
A parody on organized religion.
Old lovers meet in the imagination of one of them as she wanders one day down to the sea and he comes to take her away.
Gringos unhappy with their lives reinvent themselves in Mexico. They are said to give themselves border promotions e.g., a data entry clerk from North Dakota becomes the senior vice-president of a Wall Street bank once she crosses the border. It is joked in Vallarta that many of these characters are either wanted, wanton or wanting.
A send-up of celebrity worship.
An entire family disappears while returning home from a Christmas Eve dinner with friends. Their whereabouts remain a mystery until a chance discovery years later.
The Tracey sisters leave Ireland for a new life in America with mixed results.
The true story of Min Lurye Matheson, the daughter of Russian immigrants, who battled crooked factory owners and the Mafia which murdered her activist brother to establish the women's garment workers union . First produced as a stage play then broadcast as a radio play on N P R.

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